• striking-mf-tf-large-preview.__large_preview Super Premium Responsive Websites!

    • We can create a website in every way you imagined possible.
    • Extremely powerful and flexible with extraordinary features.
    • Easily tailored to a Business, Blog, Portfolio, Creative, or personal website.
    • Full control of SEO (search engine optimization).
    • Powerful plugins easily added.
    • Responsive design for all devices.
  • Branding and
    Graphics Design

    • branding
    • logos
    • business cards
    • brochures
    • signs
    • sales sheets
    • speaker sheets
    • press releases
    • book design
    • post cards
    • invitations
    • optin forms


    • Our Managed dedicated web servers are NEVER overloaded.
    • We have been hosting our own customers websites since 1996.
    • High quality and feature rich Cpanel.
    • Unlimited emails and web-mail.
    • Managed dedicated web servers.
    • Nightly and weekly website disaster recovery backups .
    • 99.9% guaranteed up-time.
    • Peace of mind.
  • SEO
    Search Engine Optimization

    • All in one SEO pack
    • Google Analytics
    • Google XML Sitemaps
    • SEO friendly images
    • Google webmaster tools submit
    • SEO no duplicate
    • Redirect plugin
    • Subscribing to comments reloaded

1 stop shop

There are three important ingredients to assist your branding process.
Vision! It started when you put your heart and soul into starting your business. What did you want to accomplish when you started your business? What product of service do you offer and why is it worth your time and energy to share it with the world? What are your core values and beliefs and how did you incorporate them into your own business?
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This is what you can expect when you work with us for all your graphic design needs.  We start with an interview that usually takes about an hour. This is where we learn about you and your business and develop a strategy for creating your brand.

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Our design team can take you through the entire custom design process from start to finish. We can take care of all the design steps including on-site meetings, graphics design and content and layout recommendations.  For the budget conscious we offer a cost effective professional look by using royalty free stock images and customizing one of our many web designs. We can keep the cost right down, this is real value!
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We have been hosting our own customers websites since 1996. We utilize managed dedicated web servers and can guarantee 99.9% up-time with daily backups and dual redundancy we can provide peace of mind. Our servers are on a Tier 1 backbone and have multiple Gigabytes of provisional data capacity. The network is devoted exclusively to hosting and is hardened with multiple layers of redundancy and security.
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CMS System

Wordpress content management system has a huge following with thousands of free and commercially available plugins available.

So its easy to add a storefront to your website, or add an email marketing popup form or just about anything imaginable!

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Our managed Dedicated Web servers are NEVER overloaded with less than 10% CPU load at any time so your site is as FAST as possible. We have been hosting our own customers websites since 1996.

Having full control of our web servers means we can support all the custom wordpress themes and plugins we install. We have root access to all our managed dedicated web servers giving us full control 24/7.

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Search Engine Optimization is included in all our wordpress sites. We provide the tools and plugins so you can get the best search engine optimization.

We even submit your site to Google! Google Analytics are included in the theme as are , keywords, descriptions, titles, meta tags, image alt tags and much more for each page or post.

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